The Biz Class: young minority and Hip-Hop influenced executives and entrepreneurs in arts, fashion, sports and entertainment.

Photo Credit: 135th Street Agency

Photo Credit: 135th Street Agency

There is no shortage of blogs and publications dedicated to entertainment. Nor is there a shortage of articles and programs dedicated to entrepreneurs or the business world. And while these publications and outlets do occasionally showcase the power players behind the scenes in the urban entertainment world, very few, if any before us, have made it their sole mission to champion “The Biz Class.”

Our goal is to celebrate the brightest business minds in urban entertainment, sports, arts and fashion; to study their most ingenious moves; and to pass on what we learn to the next generation of game changers and thought leaders.

We do this by documenting the music, film, fashion and sports worlds from the standpoint of the young urban professionals by presenting news in those arenas from a business perspective. Those news items are supported with original, candid and interactive multimedia features that allow our readers unprecedented access and insight into the business and careers of the young power players who move it forward.

Our Features

Newsmakers: long-read, magazine-style feature articles and case studies about professionals and brands worth watching.
Pop Quiz: An introduction to our favorite game changers in five questions
My Freshman Year: Have you ever wondered how the business innovators you follow first got into the game? Let them tell you in their own words!
The Best Advice I Ever Got…: Because, we ARE here to share the knowledge we’ve picked up, after all
Real Life Conversations: We sit down with other business minds to discuss current events in our fields; you get to watch
Switching Majors: Longevity in this business often means career redirection. Find out what motivated the professionals’ transitions
Lexicon: Let us put you on to game by defining all those buzz words you keep hearing, but aren’t quite sure how to use.
Cliff Notes: We watch and listen to TONS of interviews each week. And now we can point you to EXACTLY the place where you need to pay attention.

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